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14 November 2023

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Ciner Glass invests more than 600 million euros to revive the Flemish glass industry

Ciner - groundbreaking ceremony Lommel

A stone-laying ceremony for the new Ciner Glass factory in Lommel marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Flemish industry.  

Ciner Glass is establishing a state-of-the-art glass production facility at Kristalpark III in Lommel. The investment of more than 600 million euros will lead to the creation of between 500 and 550 new jobs in the region.

The arrival of Ciner Glass, part of the Turkish conglomerate Ciner Group, will be an important contribution to the proud tradition and heritage of the Flemish glass industry. This strategic investment meets a growing European market demand from food and drink producers for container glass.

The company was supported by local partners such as the Flemish Government, Flanders Investment & Trade, LRM, and the City of Lommel.

The construction of the factory is set to begin this month. The first glass furnace is scheduled to become operational in 2025, followed by a second furnace in 2026. Once fully operational, the factory will have the capacity to produce 1,300 tonnes of glass daily, or approximately 7 million glass bottles. This groundbreaking investment represents a total financial commitment of 600 million euros, with a focus on ecology and sustainability.

Economic Stimulus

Lommel and Flanders is at the heart of the European economy and close to major industries. The central location, access to essential raw materials, and the availability of a skilled labour force makes this region a perfect choice for this ambitious project.

Ciner Glass’s investment is one of the most substantial in the region of recent years, both in terms of size and scale as well as employment. With a strong focus on the environment and sustainability, the company is expected to create between 500 and 550 new jobs. This project symbolizes a renewed focus on the glass industry in Belgium and puts the country back on the map as a significant player in the manufacturing industry.

Ciner Lommel factory design

Glass Production with a Sustainable Edge

This investment in the Flemish glass industry will not only support economic growth but also contribute to a cleaner planet. Ciner Glass is committed to reducing its environmental footprint by providing customers with high-quality container glass that is not only lighter but also produced with minimal energy consumption.

In Lommel, Ciner Glass aims to use 75% recycled glass. Glass can be recycled indefinitely and is environmentally friendly.

It can reduce energy consumption by at least 20%, because recycled glass melts at a lower temperature. In addition, the company innovates by reducing the weight of its glass bottles by 10%, resulting in a significant decrease in resource use and CO2 emissions during their transport.

This weight reduction, combined with local production, will result in an annual CO2 reduction of nearly 29,000 tonnes, significantly shrinking both our environmental footprint and that of our customers.

Gokhan Sen, CEO Ciner Glass Europe: “Thanks to sustainable and innovative production processes, we can make a substantial contribution to tackling climate change in Flanders. We aim to be part of the thriving local economy and contribute to further progress. Our history, as that of Lommel, is defined as a mentality of pioneering, innovation, and pride in glass production.”

Symbolic first – glass – stone laying ceremony

The special VIP attendees were welcomed by the Mayor of Lommel, Bob Nijs, who emphasized the importance of this investment for his city. Also Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon and Flemish Minister of Work and Economy Jo Brouns, as well as Faruk Kaymakcı, Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Türkiye to the European Union expressed their support for the project.

Jan Jambon, Flemish Minister-President: “The glass industry has always been present in Flanders and with this investment by Ciner we are certain that this sector will be here for a long time to come. This high-tech site offers us a golden opportunity to make Flanders more sustainable, establish a competitive manufacturing industry and develop a circular economy. An investment of this magnitude sends a very clear signal to international and local markets, investors and industry. Flanders is still at the head of the pack in terms of the manufacturing industry.”

Jo Brouns, Flemish Minister of Work and Economy: “This investment is not only very important for the economic fabric of Limburg. It simultaneously ensures the creation of 500 new jobs. Flanders is doing its bit with 2 million euros in subsidies and 3 million euros repayable advance. The fact that Ciner Glass chooses Flanders shows that this makes us an attractive region for foreign investors. Thanks to this investment, the cluster of glass production and processing in the Limburg/Kempen region will be strengthened through new technologies.”

The highlight of the ceremony was the symbolic placement of the first glass brick by the Chair of Ciner Glass Didem Ciner and Turgay Ciner, the founder of Ciner Glass Group, together with Mr Luyckx, representative of  Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon and Mrs Mertens, representative of Flemish Minister of Work and Economy Jo Brouns. This first stone laying not only confirms the future of the new factory but also underscores the joint commitment to economic growth and sustainability for the region.