Who We Are

The Ciner Glass journey started in 2011 with the introduction of the Park Cam glass plant. In 2013, we opened the Boyüzük Plant to help increase our capacity of producing up to 1,000 tonnes of glass per day and 22 per cent of the Turkish beverage market.

In 2018, Ciner Glass decided to expand its operations worldwide. In 2019, the Ciner Glass UK headquarters opened in London. Our aim is to expand our presence across the Turkish UK, European and American markets with an annual production target of 2,000,000 tons of container glass by 2026.

Park Cam San. Tic. A.S. (TR) has been established for Bozüyük Plant Investment

First Furnace starts its production in Bozüyük Plant

Second Furnace starts its production in Bozuyuk Plant

Ciner Glass Ltd. (UK) has been established in London / United Kingdom for Global Container Glass Operations

Ciner Glass Belgium NV (BE) has been established for Belgium Plant Investment

Construction of the Third Furnace in Bozüyük Plant started

Site Preparation of the First Furnace in Kazan Plant started