President of CiNER Glass addresses the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

Last month, the President of Ciner Glass, Mrs Didem Ciner, travelled to the USA to address a gathering at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics. This prestigious institution has long been at the forefront of international public policy debate and has been responsible for developing the careers of some of the world’s most influential political leaders and Heads of State.

Mrs Ciner convened a forum with a group of undergraduate students to discuss some of the biggest global challenges facing contemporary politics before going on to deliver a speech at the JFK forum. She focused her remarks upon future trends in international journalism and in particular the opportunities and challenges presented by social media.

In her speech, Mrs Ciner highlighted the need for greater international collaboration in search of common solutions to global problems such as climate change, and how American leadership is integral to finding success. She called on world leaders to work together to create a better future for humanity,

Commenting on the event, Mrs Ciner said: “It was a privilege to be invited to the Harvard Kennedy School and speak to young graduates about a topic that has been a passion of mine for two decades. Social media has the power to transform society and has influenced areas such as journalism, politics and business over the last decade by informing and enhancing rigorous debate.

“Its role can be significant in helping address global problems by working together to find common solutions future of humanity. However, the growth of online vitriol and polarisation on social media means there are still problems to be addressed, or we risk undermining all the significant triumphs that society has and can achieve in the future through listening, learning and understanding one another.