Our plans to be a sustainable neighbour
Selçuk Kucukseyhan

At CiNER Glass, we are ready to create a more sustainable future for Wales.
We are committed to achieving our own, the local council’s and the Welsh Government’s decarbonisation goals, as well as helping to protect the local environment.

Through our plans to build a glass container manufacturing and recycling facility in Blaenau Gwent, we can play a key role in making the circular economy a reality in Wales. The facility would use recycled glass in its production, which requires fewer natural resources from raw material and less energy to melt it, thereby reducing emissions. This is combined with built-in control technology and a filtration system at the site to manage our emissions.

Our glass is a high-tech environmentally friendly product, and its recycling capabilities gives glass an advantage compared to the other type of containers. However, the use of glass will need to grow exponentially to provide a real solution in reducing the amount of single-use plastic in Wales and across the globe. This is where our plans for a new glass plant, which would produce millions of 100% recyclable glass bottles every year.

Our target to reach net-zero has already started. As a company, we have pledged to increase the percentage of recycled glass used year on year, with the ultimate aim of using over 300.000 tons of recycled glass annually. By using sustainable construction materials, local suppliers and recycled glass – requiring lower energy consumption in the facility – we can drastically reduce emissions. Currently, too many glass bottles are dumped into landfills, and we will therefore ensure that whatever we produce, when used in Wales, will be taken back to be reused.

Furthermore, to expand and increase recycling levels and quality across the whole of Wales, we are ready to work with the Welsh Government on the introduction of the country’s first-ever Deposit Return Scheme to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle plastic pollution further and faster than the rest of the UK.

Our goals are ambitious and global, but our values will always remain local. That is why we will plant more than 500 new trees on the site to help enhance the local woodland area for generations to come. We are making every effort to improve the quality of woodland and marshland for the benefit of the community to ensure the surrounding areas remain a place to run, walk or cycle with family and friends.
We have a proven track record of innovation, already producing one of the lightest bottles in the UK. We know that glass is the sustainable industry of tomorrow and believe that we can start to build a sustainable future for Blaenau Gwent.