Ciner Group is in Turkey’s Champions League

Ciner Group company Ciner Imp. Exp. Trade Inc. ranked high in the list of Turkey’s Top 1000 Exporters in 2020 prepared by the Turkish Exporters Assembly. Ranking 20 th in the list and showing the 3 rd largest export performance of its sector, the contribution of the company to Turkey’s exports amounted to $589.1 million.

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) held its 28 th Ordinary General Assembly and the “2020 Export Champions Award Ceremony” with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. At the Board, TİM also introduced the “2020 Prestige Book of Turkey’s Top 1000 Exporters” and shared the results of the research.

Ciner Group company Ciner Imp. Exp. Trade Inc. was also at the top of the list of Turkey’s largest exporters. The company became Turkey’s 20 th largest exporter with an export of 589.1 million dollars. At the same time, the company was ranked as the 3 rd largest exporter in the chemical materials and products sector.

Ciner Group CEO Gürsel Usta participated in the broadcast of Bloomberg HT channel after the award ceremony. Gürsel Usta stated that “30 percent of Turkey’s exports come from the automotive and chemical sectors. The chemical industry was evaluated under a single heading. That’s why we didn’t get an award. But we know our own award. If there were 290 companies like us, we could do all of Turkey’s exports. It represents a figure that provides much more superiority if it is value-added like ours. This makes us proud.” he said.

The Target is 1 Billion Dollars Export

Gursel Usta, who also shared his export target for the next year, said, “The export figure we have realized corresponds to 3 per thousand of Turkey’s exports. This is a hundred percent value-added figure. It represents a much more valuable figure. We aim to increase this figure in the coming periods. Our goal is to capture 1 billion dollars of exports. We have sold all the products we have produced so far. Product prices go up as in all commodities. Currently, the most important problem for export is the container problem and ship handling fees. Foreseeing this problem, we sold all of our products as shipboard delivery at Turkish ports.”

New Investment on the Way

Making a statement about the new investments, Gürsel Usta said, “We announced that we would build 3 furnaces for glass packaging production. We will do one of these in Bozüyük and the other two in Ankara Kazan. We have one more feasibility study. After this work is completed, we will have another good news about investment.”