CEO of Ciner Group Gürsel Usta, Explained the Giant Agreement with Şişecam

Ciner Group and Şişecam are expanding their cooperation on natural soda ash production in the USA. As part of the new investment plan, Şişecam will become a 60 percent shareholder by acquiring an additional share in Pacific Project, the natural soda ash production facility in the USA, of which it is currently an equal partner with Ciner Group.

Answering Açıl Sezen’s questions on Bloomberg HT, Ciner Group CEO Gürsel Usta shared information about critical cooperation. Gürsel Usta said, “We have already been partners with Şişecam in our investments in the USA. We transferred our 10 percent management stake in Pacific Project, 60 percent in Atlantic Project and 60 percent in Ciner Resources to Şişecam, our 50 percent partner in Pacific Soda. Şişecam is one of the largest glass packaging manufacturers in the world with its 86-year history. We are the largest natural soda ash producer in the world, producing with our own methods. At the same time, we are the largest glass packaging manufacturer in Turkey after Şişecam, which wants to be the world’s largest producer of glass packaging. In fact, it would be more accurate to define this agreement not as a sale but as a strategic cooperation agreement between the two biggest giants in their fields.”

“5.4 Million Tons of Production Will Be Made Under One Roof”

Making a statement about the future of the process after the agreement, Usta said, “Within the scope of this project, it will be a facility that will produce 5.4 million tons under a single roof in the world and have the capacity to expand further. We will be the first or among the first to produce with the cheapest cost in the world and we will be the most environmentally friendly facility.”