Creating a new economic path for Blaenau Gwent
Selçuk Kucukseyhan – Vice President at Ciner Glass UK

The Rassau Industrial Estate is steeped in a rich history of the industry known for its pioneering role in the industrial revolution as a leading centre for coal production.

At Ciner Glass, we hope to help carry on this tradition by forging a new economic future for the area and making Ebbw Vale synonymous with its glass production.

We want to make a long-term commitment to Ebbw Vale by providing new opportunities for well-paid highly skilled jobs for the entire community through our £390m investment to create a new glass recycling facility in the Rassau Industrial Estate.

When fully operational, the plant will help train and equip almost 600 people with a lifelong skill in a company they can work with for decades to come – retiring knowing that their children or grandchildren will also have access to the same opportunities. Our biggest investment will be on our employees.
In each country we operate, we have carried an ethos of employing locally to succeed globally. We aim to hire local people who do not have preconceived ideas about manufacturing but have, instead, a thirst to learn technologically advanced systems that can help create a more effective and environmentally efficient sector. We are looking for intrigue, engagement and a willingness to learn from local people around the area and give them the tools to succeed. These are the values that encapsulate the Ciner Glass community. With an open mind and shared values, the better skilled our employers become, and the better the company and the industry as a whole can succeed for decades to come. Our employees are our most valuable asset, and this will make us successful in our journey.

To do this, we will develop a local training programme that helps fit the needs of Blaenau Gwent. The development of the glass industry involves a myriad of expert fields and, thus, our schemes will offer a variety of training programmes ranging from electricians, mechanical engineers, field engineers and administrators. There will be an emphasis on working with local colleges and local universities to help break down the barriers to enter the industry. This can only be achieved through engaging with members of the local community and trade unions to understand how we can provide solutions, formulate local employment schemes and, in turn, help generate local pride for the area.

We don’t just consider our immediate employees important but also the companies, suppliers, and people that we will work with, directly and indirectly, working hand in hand with the community to ensure that we can earn their trust.

After the disappointments the area has been dealt in recent years, we are certain we can provide a real opportunity to support the local community and bring prosperity and success to the area. When consumers from across the globe pick up a Ciner Glass bottle, we want them to know that it came from Blaenau Gwent – melted from the flames of the Dragon.