CiNER Glass President holds positive talks with Welsh Secretary of State

Following the successful outcome of the planning application to build a £390m glass plant in South Wales, CiNER Glass’ President Mrs Didem Ciner held positive talks with the Secretary of State for Wales, the Rt Hon Simon Hart MP, this week.

Mr Hart, who has been most supportive of the CiNER project, welcomed Mrs Ciner to his ministerial office as the two discussed the next steps of the project. The discussions centred around how CiNER Glass can develop local supply chains with regional businesses and suppliers and partner with leading universities to develop new production techniques and the innovative use of industrial waste materials.

Mrs Ciner also reiterated the company’s commitment to helping achieve the UK’s target of reaching Net Zero emissions by 2050, and how CiNER Glass want to help provide high-technology jobs, skills, and investment to help contribute toward this goal.

Mrs Didem Ciner said: “I have been very grateful to the Secretary of State for his support during the last two years, and I am excited about working with the UK Government to ensure our contribution to both the economy and the environment can have a positive effect in Wales and across the rest of the UK.”