Ciner Glass Board Member Didem Ciner met with Prince William and The UK Chancellor

Didem Ciner was among the names invited to the Global Investment Summit held in London on October 18. Ciner told Prince William and the The UK Chancellor about Ciner Glass’s investment in Wales.

As part of the event, for which the world’s largest companies were invited, including Ciner Glass to invest in the UK. Ciner also met with the The UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak at Manor House in the center of London.

She was also invited to the Bill Gates interview

Didem Ciner was invited to Prime Minister Johnson’s meeting with Microsoft’s boss Bill Gates at the London Science Museum. During the meeting, the two announced a partnership for new green investment technologies worth £400m.

She met with Members of the Royal Family

After this meeting, Ciner attended the meeting at Windsor Palace with the most distinguished leaders of the business world, including Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, BlackRock Chief Executive Officer and CEO Larry Fink and JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon and the Royal Family members.

Important political figures of the UK, including the The UK Chancellor Sunak, wished to meet with Ciner about Ciner Glass UK’s commitment to establish a new glass production factory worth £350 million in South Wales, thereby creating 600 new jobs in the country.

The company submitted its application to the South Wales local planning office regarding the planning of the plant in question. The decision is expected in 2022.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the year, the British Prime Minister announced that the government would establish an investment office to attract companies like Ciner Glass from Turkey and other countries.

“We Discussed Our Investment Plans”

Following her meeting with Prince William, Didem Ciner made the following statements: “It was a pleasure for me to meet with Prince William and other members of the Royal Family and also to meet with the The UK Chancellor to discuss our investment plans in the UK. Our vision is to build a center of engineering excellence in glass technology that can compete with the best for generations to come in Wales. Our aim is to be as close to our customers as possible in order to reduce the economic and environmental cost of shipping glass. We have a common goal with the UK government to help build sustainable glass factories for our future.”